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Vaultone Watch

Established in 2017, VaultOne has a vision to be one of the leading watch brands in the world. We want everyone to notice and recognize that Indonesia does not only have the heart but the skills to create luxurious items. VaultOne even gives you the freedom to customize your own watches because we believe that everybody should be able to stand out and be different if they want to. We are also looking to cooperate with other talents like artists, musicians, actors, and charities to promote these talents whether it’s locally or globally. Indonesia has a very rich history and we believe that it has a richer future ahead, thus VaultOne is here to take that step towards a better future with Indonesia one step at a time.

Mission Statement:

  • To provide high quality watches with affordable price
  • To give customers the ability to customize their own watch and be different
  • Create a good relationship with the customers by our aftersales services
  • To be able to boost Indonesia’s name in the luxury brands market
  • To create opportunities for fellow Indonesians to show their talents


VaultOne aims to be the one of the leading watch brands in the world. We look forward to work with other talents and boost Indonesia’s name in the luxury brand market. We hope to be recognized by the world as one of the brands (apart from many) from Indonesia that shows how much potential and talent this country has.


VaultOne also aims to make use of local talents and decrease the unemployment rate here in Indonesia. In mere future, Vaultone aims to have its own manufacturing company here in Indonesia. As for now, we assemble and re-assemble our watch here in Indonesia. Last but not least, VaultOne aims to give in to the world by either having a foundation of its’ own or donating to other charities.